Adventure with the Cessna and the ever-stretching man.

Okay so maybe it’s not a Cessna, but damn is this plane ever small. My 6’5 frame has to stoop over in order to not hit the ceiling. Interesting.

There is also a man on the other side of the aisle from me that feels the need to get up and stretch at 15 minute intervals. I am still pondering how he is able to adequately stretch out in this model airplane.

My boarding was relatively easy because of how few passengers are with me. I am very thankful of that.

Listening to Foo Fighters new album, and before that I was enjoying some Washed Out and SBTRKT.

Our plane had a delay of 30 minutes in Minneapolis. We should be landing by 6:30 pm NYC time which should still give me enough time to get down to JFK and catch my connecting flight across the pond.

As a parting gift, please enjoy the sunset from my Piper.


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