First impressions of Hamburg, Germany.

First off I am typing this on a German layout keyboard, so I apologize ahead of time for any misspellings.


We are having a very good time in Hamburg so far. Jannis picked me up from the airport with one of his friends in his Volkswagen GTI, a classic for Germany. As we drive around the outskirts and centre of Hamburg one of the first things I notice is how many Audis, Mercedes, BMWs, and Volkswagens are driving around in Germany. Maybe it is a cultural thing, the same as Americans loving Fords and Chevrolets, but it is very unusual for me. In America these cars are considered luxury items. In Germany they are considered commonplace. One of the many things that I will be needing to get used to over here.

Jannis and his friend were very kind, and drove me around downtown Hamburg to give me a short but sweet tour of the city. I enjoyed this thoroughly and was able to take many pictures. The history of the city pulls all of my attention and I crave to learn more about it. Unfortunately Jannis informs me that much of Hamburg was destroyed during WWII. Although the area of town that Jannis lives in was less affected and therefore has many more historic buildings. They were also able to show me a few old mansions that have been around for hundreds of years.


After a short nap at Jannis’ house he woke up and told me to get ready for a night out on the town. One quick shower and some fresh clothes and I was ready.
We walked a ways down the sidewalk until we were able to meet up with some of Jannis’ friends in their little hatchback. They took us to the local train station where we had to practically jump out of the car while moving and then run to the train station in order to catch it. The metro train was much like the subway’s in the USA, but much cleaner. Also the drinking age is low and enforcement is very slack. I was surprised when they opened up and enjoyed some beers while on the train.


Once we got to the downtown Hamburg area it was time to enjoy some of the various bar and club scenes they have here. There were many, many bars and they had very cheap drinks. Some places only charged around €.99 for drinks. Easy and cheap ways to get quite tipsy. The laws regarding marijuana use are very slack as well, so there was a good amount of that used as well. We eventually made our way to a couple clubs around 5 am and danced a bit. We started to get rather tired around then so we left the clubs and bars and headed back to the train station. From the train we were able to get back to Bergedorf, but were too tired to walk so we got a taxi. €7.30 later we were at home and asleep in our beds. Overall a very good night.


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3 thoughts on “First impressions of Hamburg, Germany.

  1. You can buy beer on the trains also. Home by 7:30, you do get tire fast in a foreign country.

  2. Do they use beer in their radiators, irrigation, bathtubs, fountains, and firetrucks too?

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