Miniatur Wunderland

Today is Monday. This will be my first day that I get to experience adventuring alone throughout Hamburg.

Starting my day out around 8 am, I get up and enjoy a delicious German style breakfast that Jannis’ mom Christina prepared. This consisted of a cinnamon roll style bread called ‘franzbrötchen’ covered in butter and raspberry marmalade. Along with that I also ate a roll with butter, cheese and salami slices. All that washed down by some coffee with milk and sugar.

After breakfast I took a shower and got ready to leave. Today was a chilly day and it was drizzling a bit as well, so gloves went with. I also stuffed my pockets with a small roll, a carbonated apple juice, and enough euros for the day.

My goal for the day was to eventually make my way to a small museum in the old district of Hamburg called the ‘Miniatur Wunderland’. Of course finding the place while navigating the German streets I could not understand with no Wifi was going to be half the fun.

Making my way to the Begerdorf train station I was able to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery of Germany. The walk took quite a bit longer than it should’ve though since I got lost a few times. Eventually making my way to the train station and getting my ticket I hopped on the train and rode it into Hamburg central.

Arriving at Central Station 20 minutes later I was greeted by familiar sights. Easily recognizable places from the other night made me feel more comfortable. Once I got out of central station though, I realized my navigation skills were lacking as much as before. Figuring that it was futile trying to find the shortest route possible, I settled into a good walk and made my way around the city. Taking in the sights and sounds of the city and taking pictures when possible to avoid the rain.

After a long while of walking lost I was able to find my destination. The Miniatur Wunderland. Walking in the door and up the flights of stairs I was greeted by a very beautiful, blonde German girl behind the counter.

“12 euros please” she says.

I hand her my 20 euro bill.

She asks, “Where are you from?”

“America” I say as she hands me a pamphlet in English and that was that. I would’ve liked to have gotten her phone number as well.

Opening up my guide I make my way towards the entrance to the exhibit. After going up the stairs the enormity of the exhibit graces my eyes. This is the largest model display I have ever seen. There are representations of locations from all over the world, and I instantly recognize some places from America. Spending my first trip through taking as many pictures as possible I slowly find hidden, intricate details added to the displays. Pieces like aliens around Area 51, plane crashes in the canyons of Arizona, a crime scene in progress, and even a couple of peeping Tom monks admiring a blonde fixing her Porsche. I ended up making three more trips around the exhibit in order to find more tiny details and scenes they added. All in all I believe the 12 euros was well worth it.

After leaving the museum I was much more acquainted with the streets and landmarks and was able to find my way easily back to Central Station to catch my train back to Begerdorf. Walking from that station back to Jannis’ house I realized just how tired my feet were from walking all day and was very thankful to have the chance lay down and rest. Jannis’ mother made a delicious meal for supper and I popped in a movie when I was finished eating. After doing some research into where the next location to travel will be, I settled down and fell asleep to Blade Runner.

I can only hope that the rest of my days on this trip will be just as exciting as today.

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2 thoughts on “Miniatur Wunderland

  1. Great description and writing. Continue to enjoy your journey.

  2. Thank you Carol for your wonderful input.

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