German school, a beautiful night, and good company.

It’s 7 am and I find myself waking up to Jannis’ alarm on his iPhone. I am not used to waking up this early. It feels foreign, but good at the same time. He hits the snooze a couple times. 10 minutes later I work up the energy to get up, hop in the shower, and get dressed. Today is going to be a good day I say to myself.

Today will be interesting because I am going to be following Jannis to the school at which he works. His job is to follow an autistic boy named Fabio throughout his classes and assist him when needed. I am excited to learn about the differences between American schools and German ones.

We start out, however, without Fabio. Jannis leads me to a classroom of older students, and informs me that this class is taught by the English teacher he had when he was school. The teacher introduces me to the class, and I spend a couple of minutes telling the class about myself and the USA. They seem interested and ask a couple more details before the teacher starts with the lesson. First up is a passage in English that is designed to help them learn their vocabulary and grammer. The teacher asks me if I would mind beginning the reading so that the class can listen to an American accent. I oblige of course and read the first few paragraphs. The class continues on with their lesson and Jannis and I quietly chat in the back until the end. Afterwards we head to the class that Jannis helps out in and I do another speech on America and what I enjoy. It’s getting later in the day now and so I gather my things and catch the bus back to Bergedorf while Jannis finishes up his work day.

Stepping off the bus at Bergedorf station I quickly walk downstairs and head for a shopping complex nearby. Spending a small amount of time in I’m able to find a store with some maps and locate the destination I was interested in. Leaving the store I walk out the mall entrance and head towards Bergedorf castle. The castle itself is a little underwhelming and they are charging €5 to get in, so I decide to just snap a picture of the outside and head somewhere else. I end up just wandering around the city for awhile and than I head back to Jannis’ house to rest my legs on the extra bed laid out for me. Jannis arrives soon after and we ete some of the delicious food that his mom prepared, careful not to eat to much as to spoil our appetite for later, then leave to meet his friend Per at the town hall.

We meet Per at the beautiful town hall building, (I recommend that anyone staying even one hour in Hamburg at least visit the outside of this place) and after some quick greetings head towards this little restaurant called ‘Down Under’. Per and Jannis assure me that this place has the best endless wings around and is authentic Australian cuisine. It’s a good long walk though, and when we finally get there we find out that all the tables are reserved. We end up having to catch a bus to the same spot we started at and settle at a Jim Block restaurant. I am not complaining though because this is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

Afterwards we walk to Per’s flat and watch some videos and play some soccer on the Xbox; which I am horrid at. Soon we are all slowly falling asleep on the couches, so Jannis and I decide to head back to his house. The trip back takes about 30 minutes. We kind of zombie walk our way into his house and I immediately crash on the twin size bed.

Not two minutes later I am flying around in dreamland.

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2 thoughts on “German school, a beautiful night, and good company.

  1. Your pictures are exquisite. You will be pleased, years from now, to have this journal.

  2. Thank you very much for the excellent compliment.

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